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We “Sharma Power Electrical.” are all kind of electrical boards makers. We are one of the most outstanding maker in Moga Punjab from most recent years. We constantly developing with our best quality and consumer loyalty. We are attempting to become top forerunner in India in the event of Board Assembling.
We put stock in one key of achievement which is the type of Cooperation, clients fulfillment, advancement and Moral way of behaving.

“Worldwide ELECTRICAL and CONTROLS” Has proficient and committed designing administrations, a few businesses like Power, Synthetic compounds, Food and Drinks, Dairy Enterprises, Water Treatment Plants, Sugar and Paper Factory, Common like Lodging or Society, Rail lines and so on, with configuration, producing, erection, charging and establishment.

Our Products

Motor starter control panal

Motor Starter Control Panel

A starter board is the most essential kind of engine control board. It houses the starter and related controls for an electric engine. The starter board may likewise incorporate an electrical switch to safeguard the engine from overload.

LT Sub Control Panel

LT Board is an electrical dissemination board that gets power from generator or transformer and circulates something similar to different electronic gadgets and dispersion sheets.

Main Control Panel

What is an electrical control board? An electrical control board is a nook, commonly a metal box or plastic trim which contains significant electrical parts that control and screen various mechanical cycles.

Automatic Power Factor Control Panel

Power Variable is the proportion of dynamic capacity to clear power and it is a significant part in estimating electrical utilization. APFC is a programmed power factor control board which is utilized to further develop the power factor, at whatever point expected, by turning ON and OFF the necessary capacitor bank units naturally.

HT Control Panel

HT panels are compact outdoor type systems, which are broadly used in substations. Our product range is prepared from Circuit Breakers or switch fuse on HT side, which protects the equipment from sudden voltage fluctuations.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Strategy Of “Sharma Power Electrical” is centered around consumer loyalty to hold the market chief situation through Quality Culture and Cutthroat Rates.

Building a quality item is the fundamental point of “Sharma Power Electrical” and giving the important climate and framework to arrive at the objective of our organization.

• Consistent improvement of all representatives looking for their absolute contribution in our quest for quality.
• Nonstop up gradations and adjustments of our hardware.
• Nonstop up gradations of innovation and the nature of our items.